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10 Items for Your Minimalist Survival Kit

minimalist survival kit

The minimalist survival kit is the ultimate insurance plan. It can provide you with shelter, food, water, and tools to help you survive in a wide variety of situations. You can put together your own minimalist survival kit or purchase one that has been pre-assembled for you. With so many options available, it may be […]

How to Become a Survival Expert: The Complete Guide

How to Become a Survival Expert

In this blog post, we’ll cover how to become a survival expert. Survival skills are the lifeblood of any prepper, and mastering these skills can mean the difference between living comfortably or being forced into hiding for months or years on end.  This guide will break down how to become a survival expert from start […]

Off Grid Living Learn How To Create The Ultimate Lifestyle In 2020

off grid living

10 off-grid living advice and tips to always have in mind Living off the grid is a lot of people’s dreams.  And it’s a perfectly feasible dream.  With today’s technology, opportunities, and communities, choosing a rural, off-grid lifestyle is within most people’s reach. It’s isn’t exactly effortless either, however.  Going off the grid requires a […]

Off The Grid Internet – 5 Important Options To Consider

off grid internet

Off-grid internet Is A Must With The Current Conditions Going On Today There are lots of advantages to living an off-the-grid rural life.  Safety, good air, nature, peace and quiet, distance from social turmoil and unrest, to name a few.  That’s why more and more people opt for such a life in the countryside.  It’s […]

Rural Revolution – Why It’s Never Too Early To Start

Rural Revolution

Rural Revolution – why it’s never too early to start Many of us dream of the rural lifestyle but either views it as unattainable and unpractical or as something that’s not urgent and can wait. Of course, both are often incorrect. Sure, you can plan for retirement in the country and things may work out […]