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How To Start Prepping And Be Ready For Any Survival Need

how to start prepping

How to start prepping? How to start prepping is key to handle any survival needs.  More and more people are thinking of becoming preppers these days.  Or, if not adopting the moniker entirely, at least taking some basic prepping steps in their life.  And that’s hardly surprising. So far, 2020 has included “wonderful” events such […]

Prepper Apps 23 Of the Absolute Best For Your Survival

Prepper Apps

Best Prepper Apps for Your Phone in 2020 Preppers are people with often contradictory reputations.  On the one hand, they are frequently viewed as overly conservative people who want to “escape the world”.  On the other – preppers are some of the most tech-savvy people on the planet.  Good preppers use all the tools at […]

Survival Cabins Are A Great Place To Go During A Pandemic

Survival Cabins

Building survival cabins – why, where and how Building a whole cabin all by yourself or with just one extra pair of hands sounds challenging, doesn’t it?  And indeed it is.  Hopefully, you’ll never have to do something like this on short notice.  As with most other survival situations, however, it’s better to be able […]

Prepping Is Very Important For Any Survival Plan In 2020 And Beyond


What is prepping and how should you go about it? Prepping is one of those widely misunderstood terms that people often don’t know what to make of.  And in their defense, it is an awfully broad term which makes defining it even harder.  And while we can’t and won’t narrow the term down to something […]

Off Grid Living Learn How To Create The Ultimate Lifestyle In 2020

off grid living

10 off grid living advice and tips to always have in mind Living off the grid is a lot of people’s dream.  And it’s a perfectly feasible dream.  With today’s technology, opportunities, and communities, choosing a rural, off-grid lifestyle is within most people’s reach. It’s isn’t exactly effortless either, however.  Going off the grid requires […]

Off The Grid Internet – 5 Important Options To Consider

off grid internet

Off grid internet Is A Must With The Current Conditions Going On Today There are lots of advantages to living an off the grid rural life.  Safety, good air, nature, peace and quiet, distance from social turmoil and unrest, to name a few.  That’s why more and more people opt for such a life in […]