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Covid 19 Pandemic Ways To Improve Your Mental Health ?

covid 19 pandemic

It’s not just the physical world that has been disrupted by the covid 19 pandemic. The mental health of many people is suffering as well. People are feeling fearful, isolated, and depressed because they’re scared to go out in public. Some people have lost their jobs because they can’t get to work or don’t want […]

Emergency Food Kit – Top 10 Foods To Always Have On Hand

Emergency Food Kit

The following list contains ten items that should be kept in your pantry for your emergency food kit. For some, these are just common sense food items to have on hand; but for others, they may not know what to keep or the importance of having these things handy. This list will provide you with […]

Primitive Survival Skills What You Need To Know In 2020

primitive survival skills

What are the most important primitive survival skills you need to learn? Primitive survival skills.  We’ve talked a lot about survival skills and gear here, and about how important it is to always be prepared.  There’s one aspect of preparedness, however, that needs a special mention.  It’s the importance of having the right skills for […]

How To Start Prepping And Be Ready For Any Survival Need

how to start prepping

How to start prepping? How to start prepping is key to handle any survival needs.  More and more people are thinking of becoming preppers these days.  Or, if not adopting the moniker entirely, at least taking some basic prepping steps in their life.  And that’s hardly surprising. So far, 2020 has included “wonderful” events such […]

Prepper Apps 23 Of the Absolute Best For Your Survival

Prepper apps

Best Prepper Apps for Your Phone in 2020 Preppers are people with often contradictory reputations.  On the one hand, they are frequently viewed as overly conservative people who want to “escape the world”.  On the other – preppers are some of the most tech-savvy people on the planet.  Good preppers use all the tools at […]

Prepping Is Very Important For Any Survival Plan In 2020 And Beyond


What is prepping and how should you go about it? Prepping is one of those widely misunderstood terms that people often don’t know what to make of.  And in their defense, it is an awfully broad term which makes defining it even harder.  And while we can’t and won’t narrow the term down to something […]