Covid 19 Pandemic Ways To Improve Your Mental Health ?

covid 19 pandemic

It’s not just the physical world that has been disrupted by the covid 19 pandemic. The mental health of many people is suffering as well. People are feeling fearful, isolated, and depressed because they’re scared to go out in public. Some people have lost their jobs because they can’t get to work or don’t want to be around other people while contagious.

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Others feel like the entire world is against them and it’s easy for them to spiral into a deep depression when society seems so bleak all around them. Depression during this time isn’t uncommon-in fact, research shows that 30% of Americans reported being depressed! That number might increase during this calamity if we don’t find ways to help ourselves cope with what’s happening outside our homes.

Finding ways to help yourself can seem difficult especially if you live with other people. But there are many things that you can do to improve your own mental health while the pandemic continues outside. Here are some good strategies for self-improvement during the pandemic:

1. Find a quiet spot in your home, away from other people, if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Practice yoga or meditation to help reduce your stress levels. You can do these activities just about anywhere at home, at work, or even in the park! Doing some basic stretches and taking deep breaths throughout the day will help you de-stress and focus on what’s important right now (yourself

2. Spend time with animals or pets to get your mind off the pandemic. Research has found that spending time with animals can help reduce anxiety and depression, especially if you’re feeling isolated from other people at this time.

3. Make an effort to eat healthy meals even if you don’t want to cook or go out in public. You might still feel sad or lonely but eating healthy can help you stay sharp instead of focusing on all the unhealthy things you could be eating.

4. Spend time with loved ones to staying emotionally healthy during the covid 19 pandemic. Again, it’s okay if you don’t want to go outside-if that’s making you feel isolated, see if a family member or friend are willing to spend some

5. Watch TV as long as it’s not about the pandemic (i.e., news) or depressing shows. If you’re feeling down, watching something that makes you laugh or feel good will help improve your mood. You can watch some comedy shows with animals or people that are endearingly silly-just make sure it’ll cheer you up!

Get creative by drawing, cooking, painting, etc. If you spend some time on crafty projects, you’ll be able to forget about the pandemic outside your house and focus on something positive for yourself.

6. Avoid social media if it’s making you feel negative about the pandemic situation. Check out your favorite websites and apps as long as they’re not related to the pandemic! If you’re feeling depressed, scrolling through your newsfeed can be depressing and make you feel worse about the world.

7. Take a look at other pandemic advisories that might help improve your mental health. The CDC has produced some great resources to better cope with the pandemic and its social effects.  Spend time exercising, or just going for a walk, to help you stay physically active during this period of isolation. You don’t have to go in public if you live alone! You can do these activities in your backyard or in your basement.

8. Make sure all the windows in your home are covered (e.g., with aluminum foil or blinds/curtains that block the light) to maintain your normal sleeping schedule, even if it’s difficult because of the covid 19 pandemic situation outside your door.

9. Start journaling so you can work through what’s happening inside your head during this difficult time

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health conditions during a pandemic. However, there are many ways to improve your own mental health even if you’re living with other people. These strategies include finding a quiet spot in your home away from others to help reduce stress levels or practicing yoga or meditation whenever possible. You can also spend time interacting with animals or pets for some emotional support as well as spending quality time with family members who may be feeling isolated themselves from society because of this tragedy. It’s important to stay active so look for ways that you can do this whether it is through exercising by yourself at home or going outside for walks on nice days when possible!

This whole crazy world with the covid 19 pandemic has been going on for over 19 months. With a lot of information out there it is important to do your research. Don’t just trust one source like the evening news etc. Look at different blogs alternative media sources that get your mind thinking. Watch the rabbit holes and conspiracy there is a lot of that out there. But just know just because the media says it’s a conspiracy that always gets me researching to see if it is the truth.

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