Outdoor Fitness Is The Best – This is not a luxury, it’s a necessity

Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness.  You know that staying healthy and fit is a necessity, not a luxury. But have you thought about how outdoor activities can help?

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Many people are used to going for walks or runs in the city or their neighborhood. However, there are plenty of other ways to stay active outside as well- like biking! You could even play basketball with your friends. All these activities will help keep you feeling great! Maybe it’s time to take advantage of the good weather and get outside more often.

What is outdoor fitness?

What is outdoor fitness? Outdoor fitness has many different names- like outdoor activity, nature exercise, or environmental exercise. People who practice it usually enjoy being out in the fresh air and sunshine. They feel good about staying active with their family, friends, and neighbors. Outdoor fitness can be practiced almost anywhere, even in your own neighborhood.

What are some good reasons to try outdoor fitness?

  • The scenery will be beautiful and enjoyable.
  • Open-air is healthy for the body and mind. There are many studies that prove this to be true.
  • When you get outdoors, it gets easier to focus on your workout than when you’re cooped up inside all day long. Studies have found that children perform better

Is an outdoor gym necessary to get fit?

No, an outdoor gym is not necessary to get fit. All you need are some good shoes and clothes for the weather. You might want to bring a small bag with water, a hat, sunscreen, and bug spray with you so that you can be prepared no matter what the weather is like!

There are also some great websites with workouts you can do outdoors- like on the beach, or in a local park. There might be a place in your neighborhood where other people gather to walk or jog together- maybe you could join them!

Best shoes for outdoor fitness activities are

those that are lightweight, but still have a good grip. When out on the steep and uneven ground, the most dangerous thing is a misplaced footstep. Those high-priced, big brand-name hiking shoes with sticky soles are not necessary at all! My favorite shoe has always been the New Balance trail runner series (I’m wearing them as I write this), and I’ve never gotten a twisted ankle in them!

Last summer, one of my hiking partners started experiencing some knee pain. This was the primary cause of his first non-difficult peak not being summitted for many years. It turned out that he had bought some New Balance trail runner series as well, but they were made for “casual” wear, and they lacked good ankle support. This was partly to blame for his knee pain. I stayed behind with my running shoes (I have no problem descending steeper grades than him) and reached the peak while he rested in the snow-melt stream near the summit!

What kind of sunscreen should I use to protect my skin in the sun?

The sun is really powerful. The most important thing to do when wearing a lot of sunscreens (to compensate for its lacking ability to protect effectively) is to wear UV-rated sunglasses with it. Not only will they shut out some harmful UVA and UVB rays, but they will also decrease the amount that gets in your eyes if you sweat or if the wind blows them away (I’ve learned that one the hard way!). Liquid sunscreens are also somewhat waterproof, which makes them less likely to be wiped off by sweat.

An important thing to remember is not to put sunscreen on too thickly or you will look like a white ghost when it cures. Always set the recommended time limit. Reapply whenever you sweat, or after a dip in the water (if you’re swimming) so that it can re-cure itself on your skin again/

I’ve had really bad sunburns before because I didn’t wear enough sunscreen, and my skin was very sensitive to the burning rays of the sun.

Do you need bug spray for outdoor fitness activities?

It’s not really necessary. You’ll probably be sweating a lot anyway, and insects usually avoid that. But insect repellent will prevent mosquitoes from biting you! Deer ticks can carry Lyme disease, so always wear long sleeves if you are walking in wooded areas (or anywhere where there might be wildlife).

There are different kinds of activewear (outdoor fitness) clothes.

Coordinating colors will help you look and feel good about yourself. One article of clothing that can be worn for a lot of different things is compression shorts with built-in underwear (like Under Armour makes). They are designed to hug your legs and reduce muscle fatigue, but they can also make your legs look great.

The most common piece of clothing for outdoor activities is a technical shirt, which wicks moisture from your body to keep you cool and dry- but you can wear any kind of long sleeve shirt with it as well (just make sure that there’s no cotton in the shirt). The best part is that they feel really good on your skin (that’s why they call it technical- ‘technology’).

Products like these are designed to reduce the friction between your body and clothing so that you’re not as hot while you wear them.

Get fit today!

Get fit today! Going outdoors to walk, run, or bike is a great way to stay fit. You’ll be able to enjoy the air and sunshine on sunny days. When it’s raining you can still get your workout in just go for a power walk in your neighborhood!

Are you ready to make this a new routine? Open-air fitness will help keep you healthy and fit!


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If you’ve been looking for a way to stay healthy and fit, but don’t have the time or money for an expensive gym membership- why not try outdoor fitness? There are many benefits of going outside when it comes to staying active. You can enjoy being in your neighborhood while getting that workout done! If all this talk about health has got you thinking, we invite you to reach out today. Which of these reasons do YOU think people should give outdoor fitness a shot? Leave a comment below and let us know!

It’s so easy to get your kids involved in outdoor fitness. If you live in an area where there are parks, it would be great for them to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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