Best Neck Knife That You Need For Your Survival Gear

Best Neck Knife

The best neck knife – what you should look for? Neck knives can sound almost sinister the first time you hear the term.  And they are indeed often meant for combat and self-defense.  The term simply means “a knife hung from the neck on a cord”, however, nothing more. In other words, any knife with […]

Survival Axe Why You Need One For Your Survival Needs

survival axe

Survival axe – what they are and what to look for? When talking about the most important survival tools several main contenders usually come up.  Knives, first aid kits, fire-starting kits, fishing kits, and – hatchets and axes.  Especially when it comes to survival in the wilderness, be it short-term or long-term, axes are an […]

Survival Foods The 8 Best For Anything That Could Happen

survival foods

Survival Foods which are the best and why? Storing food can seem like an antiquated or even silly idea to some people. After all, there’s always food in the stores, right? There are food banks too – why would we need to store survival foods? Many people view storing food is as something reserved for […]

Best Survival Revolver Will Make A Huge Difference For Survival

best survival revolver

The best survival revolvers and what you need to know about them Best Survival Revolver.  When talking about survival and prepping, self-defense often comes up.  That’s understandable as a lot of survival situations force us to have to defend ourselves.  Whether it’s from wildlife or, regrettably, from other people, having good self-defense options is crucial […]

Primitive Survival Skills What You Need To Know In 2020

primitive survival skills

What are the most important primitive survival skills you need to learn? Primitive survival skills.  We’ve talked a lot about survival skills and gear here, and about how important it is to always be prepared.  There’s one aspect of preparedness, however, that needs a special mention.  It’s the importance of having the right skills for […]

How To Start Prepping And Be Ready For Any Survival Need

how to start prepping

How to start prepping? How to start prepping is key to handle any survival needs.  More and more people are thinking of becoming preppers these days.  Or, if not adopting the moniker entirely, at least taking some basic prepping steps in their life.  And that’s hardly surprising. So far, 2020 has included “wonderful” events such […]