Off The Grid Internet – 5 Important Options To Consider

off grid internet

Off grid internet Is A Must With The Current Conditions Going On Today There are lots of advantages to living an off the grid rural life.  Safety, good air, nature, peace and quiet, distance from social turmoil and unrest, to name a few.  That’s why more and more people opt for such a life in […]

Survival Canteen What Are The Best Ones To Have

Survival Canteen

Survival canteen Top 8 Reviewed For 2020 Water is one of the main things you’ll need to take care of when you’re in a survival situation.  Being well-prepared is key with at least one or more quality water containers is often the difference between life and death.  This is where a survival canteen comes in.  […]

Best Survival Shovel For All Of Your Survival Needs

best survival shovel

The best survival shovel – what they are what features do they have? If you mention survival shovels to most non-survivalists, you’ll usually be met with a giggle or a raised eyebrow.  And even we have to admit that it sounds funny if you’re uninitiated.  After all, what can possibly be so special about a […]

Best Neck Knife That You Need For Your Survival Gear


The best neck knife – what you should look for? Neck knives can sound almost sinister the first time you hear the term.  And they are indeed often meant for combat and self-defense.  The term simply means “a knife hung from the neck on a cord”, nothing more. In other words, any knife with a […]

Survival Tent What Ever Your Need This User Guide Will Help You

Survival Tent

Survival tent – what are they and what are the best? Tents and shelters are one of the three most important pillars of any survivalist kit together with water and food.  Yet, tents and shelters are rarely talked about.  Presumably, that’s because most people view them as something easy to take care of.  You just […]

Solar Air Lantern What Are The Best Ones For Survival

solar air lantern

Solar air lantern – are they a worthy inclusion in a survival kit? There are lots of ways to optimize your survival kit and backpack nowadays.  So, with newer technologies, be on the lookout for new additions and features that are being developed all the time.  This is where the solar air lantern comes into […]

Firestarter Kit The Best Ways To Make Fire In Any Survival Conditions

fire starter kit

Firestarter Kit – The Complete Guide The easiest mistake a novice hiker can do is think that they don’t need a firestarter kit.  After all, we’ve all seen the movies where a couple of sticks and a pile of leaves can make a fire, right? Anyone who’s ever had to start a fire in the […]

Best Tactical Pen For Self Defense And Survival In 2020

Best Tactical Pen

Tactical pens – what is the best tactical pen for you and what should it include? When we talk about survival kits, backpacks, and skills we often mention multi-tools.  We usually leave them without too much of an explanation because we assume most people understand what a multi-tool is.  The first association people usually have […]

Survival Fishing Kits Are Important For All Preppers

Survival fishing kits

Survival fishing kits If you’re an expert fisher or a casual fishing fan, you likely have an idea of what a survival fishing kit is.  For most other people, however, fishing tends to be quite a complicated enigma.  This can be a problem when you need to survive in the wild as fishing is one […]